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Camera Systems


Hard-Line’s camera systems enable operators to maintain full view of the area they’re operating in. Farsight Portable Video provides video for line of sight RRC operation and TramCam can eliminate blind spots.


Farsight Portable Video provides video for conventional radio remote control systems. The extended line of sight increases the range allowing heavy machinery to be maneuvered around corners or farther into a draw point. The use of this product heightens the efficiency of the LHD remote cycle and can be adapted to easily transfer between machines.

Pan-tilt zoom features
12″ colour LCD monitor
Forward and reverse cameras
Wireless connection to the monitor
Provides overall view of obstruction
Custom options available


Tram Cam Quad is an excellent on board quad camera system that can be used on any vehicle in a mine, covering all the blind spots an operator experiences. The system can hold up to 4 cameras and show all 4 on the monitor, making driving easier and reducing the risk of collisions. The system is designed to withstand the demanding shock and vibration requirements of on board monitoring.

Multi-functional camera support
Water resistant
Auto day/night detection
Adjustable speed switch